One of the aims of the master plan is to unite the parklands, to read as one special place “One Domain” made up of a series of important destinations.

Over time, traffic on roads through the parklands has increased making the parklands appear to be a collection of smaller parks rather than one expanse of parklands. The roads have become barriers for pedestrians to cross, affecting the connectivity of the parklands.

Car parking throughout Domain parklands creates a visual and physical barrier and impacts the visitor experience.

The expansive parklands, lack of coordinated signage and the number of path choices means there are currently poor linkages for journeys through the parklands to particular destinations.

Read the Discussion Paper for more information on Making one park of many:

Key suggestions

  • Measures to reduce the impact of through traffic within the parklands.
  • Modification of car parking in some areas to reduce the visual impact of parked cars within the parklands.
  • Consistent signage and wayfinding.
  • Creating accessible paths and ensuring path links are effective.
  • Enhancing design and visual cues to connect the landscape.