The City of Melbourne is currently facing three significant challenges: climate change, urban heating and population growth. These will place pressure on the built fabric, services and people of the city. We need to respond to these challenges by building healthy resilient landscapes.

The Domain Parklands play a critical role in the health and well-being of the community of Melbourne by cooling the city and providing an environment that provides physical and mental health benefits to people.

The Parklands play a critical environmental health role, acting as lungs for the city. All of the elements – soil, water, trees and plants - that make the parklands work most effectively need good management and resourcing.

Water is essential to a resilient landscape. Adequate soil moisture enables trees to actively transpire and cool the surrounding air.

Many of the trees in the Domain Parklands are reaching the later part of their life and will need to be replaced. In some instances it may not be appropriate to replace trees with the same species in the same location.

Working with the Royal Botanic Gardens, we’d like to develop a City Arboretum to assist with the development of a diverse, resilient and climate change ready urban forest. We recognise that there are already some rare and special trees in the Domain Parklands. These will be retained and protected, and will inform the Arboretum plan.

We need to understand and monitor the ways the Domain Parklands promote and support urban ecology and biodiversity in the municipality and ensure our management improves these values.

Read the Discussion Paper for more information on Environmental Sustainability: