In its current form Elizabeth Street south is characterised by poor urban design, an absence of trees and constrained walking space.

We want to improve the southern end of Elizabeth Street by prioritising pedestrian movement, enhancing the local amenity and providing an attractive entrance to Melbourne’s retail centre.

We could create more room for pedestrians by reallocating space in the street currently used for the southbound vehicle carriageway and parking. This change would better reflect the current mode share and the future needs of the street. It would also increase pedestrian safety and create a better connection for public transport, while the addition of street trees and more open space will improve the local amenity and increase accessibility.

By improving the streetscape at the southern end of Elizabeth Street we want to make it easier, safer and more accessible for the thousands of pedestrians who use Elizabeth Street every day.

We have commenced preliminary engagement with stakeholders in close proximity to the project site to investigate constraints and opportunities for the redesign of Elizabeth Street South. This feedback will be used to inform the development of a draft Elizabeth Street South Streetscape Improvement Plan that will be open for broader community engagement in early 2017.

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