Update 3 - Melbourne for All People Implementation and Evaluation Plan

November 20, 2014

On 18 November 2014 the Future Melbourne Committee endorsed the commencement of the implementation of Melbourne for All People 2014-17 in line with the draft Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation Plan.

View the plan:

This plan articulates the new strategic actions identified under the six themes in Melbourne for All People. It also identifies ongoing, core business activities delivered by service teams working with the four identified groups in the strategy: Access and Inclusion, Youth Services, Family and Children’s Services, and Ageing and Inclusion.

Further work on the measures and targets for the draft Melbourne for All People 2014-17 Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation Plan will be undertaken and reported back to the Future Melbourne Committee in February 2015

The actions listed in the plan will be delivered and evaluated over the next three years.