We are ready to make a decision on The Tan and Princes Park Tracks

April 29, 2016

All feedback received during the engagement process for The Tan and Princes Park Tracks has now been reviewed and a report produced on the outcomes. On Tuesday 3 May 2016, the Future Melbourne Committee will use the report to make a decision on whether to prescribe both of the tracks smoke-free.

Key findings in the report include:

  • The vast majority of visitors to The Tan (81%) and Princes Park (76%) who took part in an intercept survey are in favour of the proposed introduction of smoke-free areas.
  • 79% of individuals and organisations surveyed online believe it would be great if the Princes Park and The Tan running tracks became smoke-free.
  • The introduction of the smoke-free areas will not negatively impact visitation rates to the area, with nearly one half of all visitors (46%) reporting they will be much more likely to visit the area.

The recommendations are for Future Melbourne Committee to approve:

  1. The areas known as The Tan Track and Princes Park Track to be prescribed as smoke-free under Clause 3A.3 of the Activities Local Law 2009.

Tuesday’s meeting will commence at 5.30pm at Melbourne Town Hall. If you would like to read the draft report, are interested in attending or would like to make a submission then please visit the Future Melbourne Committee 3 May 2016 page or email com.meetings@melbourne.vic.gov.au.

We will keep you informed on the outcome of the meeting.