Healeys Lane: construction commenced without new street trees

May 4, 2015

Improvement works in Healeys Lane commenced on 28 April 2015. Unfortunately the two street trees originally planned for the southern end of the lane can no longer be planted as we have discovered that there is insufficient room between the pavement and the stormwater drain below to provide enough soil for the trees, while still providing adequate stormwater drainage, pedestrian movement and existing café seating. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

A letter from our contractor Citywide was circulated on 21 April to properties in and around the lane explaining what to expect during construction. View the letter, the approximate timetable for construction and the final design below.

For any questions during construction, please contact Citywide site manager Steven Priselec on Ph: 03 92675126 or email: stepri@citywide.com.au

The works are due for completion by mid July 2015. These works will complete the Connecting Laneways project which aims to strengthen the existing pedestrian link between Flagstaff Station and Bourke Street.