Microbat Count Overnight Expedition

January 25, 2017

The master plan for Carlton’s historic University Square aims to improve the environment for all creatures great and small, including the tiny microbat. Microbats weigh just a few grams, despite eating up to 600 mosquitos per hour, and navigate through the city using ultrasonic calls. There are 15 known species in Melbourne.

To find out more about the microbat population at University Square, the City of Melbourne is conducting a survey to map wildlife in University Square including microbats. An overnight expedition is planned where members of the public are invited to attend the expedition to trap and band microbats, recording data such as species, sex, age and food supply. Children aged 10 to 17 are welcome to sign up with their parent or guardian.

With urbanisation a major threat to microbat populations across Melbourne, such information will be used to help compile a biodiversity impact statement at University Square before any work begins.

Stay tuned for more information.