Delivering Arden

The transformation of Arden will take place over more than 30 years.

Early development will focus on creating a vibrant and welcoming central precinct around the new Arden Station, which will open in 2025. This includes the development of central streets and public spaces. Over time Arden will gain new schools, community facilities and open spaces to support the community as it grows.

Like any inner-city destination, Arden will continue to evolve over time and can never be truly “finished”, but the precinct will reach maturity by 2050.

The Victorian Government is committed to the development of Arden to ensure it evolves into an innovative place to work and a quality place to live. In partnership with the City of Melbourne, it will establish:

  • An Arden Place Plan to further shape the look, feel and character of Arden.
  • An infrastructure delivery strategy that outlines precinct development coordination, staging and timing.
  • Funding contribution plans for new private developments to offset the cost of community infrastructure.

A Development Contributions Plan will ensure that the cost of providing new infrastructure to meet the demands of the new population is shared fairly between developers and the wider community. Interim planning controls requiring the payment of development contributions are currently in place to support the funding and delivery of key infrastructure items while a permanent development contributions plan is prepared.

We’ll work closely with government partners including the Metro Tunnel Authority, Melbourne Water and the Victorian School Building Authority to coordinate new infrastructure and amenity as the precinct develops.

We will also keep working closely with the community and Traditional Owners as Arden becomes a new neighbourhood for Melbourne’s inner north-west.

Arden’s renewal will generate opportunities for government to support existing businesses that are undergoing change to review their future role in the precinct and, if required, potentially find more suitable locations as the precinct becomes a place for a mix of employment and residential uses, people focussed streets and green spaces.

As part of the broader consultation process, the Victorian Government is reaching out to relevant landowners and businesses that may directly be undergoing change due to the proposals identified in the Draft Structure Plan.

Parts of the Arden precinct are also included in the West Melbourne Structure Plan, which was endorsed by the City of Melbourne in February 2018. The Arden Structure Plan will not supersede the plan for West Melbourne and has been developed with consideration of planned future development in West Melbourne.

Depending on your relationship to the precinct, you will be affected in different ways. If you are a current business owner within the Arden precinct, the Department of Transport will be able to provide advice about the next steps for you.

If you are a resident within the Arden precinct or in neighbouring suburbs, this planning will gradually change the area you live in over a long period of time. You will notice changes as the plan is realised through future development. Workers and visitors in the area will also notice differences.

The interruption caused by building and development will only commence once the planning is complete and the planning permit approval process has occurred.

Following the conclusion of the consultation period, a summary of feedback and analysis of the data collected has been made publicly available on our website.

What we heard will be used to inform the next phases of planning for Arden and preparation of a draft planning scheme amendment, which will be publicly exhibited mid-2021.

To be kept up to date with the process as it moves through these milestones, please ‘follow’ our webpage, email, or call (03) 9651 9600.