Indigenous, maritime and immigration histories are revealed through artistic interpretations and adaptive re-use of physical assets. Major landscape interventions will transform Enterprize Park into a space of natural respite and an Aboriginal cultural destination for the Central City. The addition of high quality activation opportunities will draw increased visitation to this precinct.

  • Continue to engage meaningfully and respectfully with the Traditional Custodians at all stages of the project.
  • Work with the Traditional Custodians to ensure the cultural narrative of the River is celebrated and embedded into the project delivery process and built outcome.
  • Celebrate the cultural narrative of the River including the site of Yarro Yarro (the Falls).
  • Resolve conflicts between service vehicle access, pedestrians and cyclists.
  • Improve space for pedestrians along the rivers edge.
  • Create connections between the varying levels of the rivers edge.
  • Unify and integrate existing and new public open spaces.
  • Create a continuous pedestrian connection.
  • Advocate for the activation of existing heritage assets.
  • Incorporate water sensitive. urban design approach to the Enterprize Park and surrounds.
  • Redefine existing edge between upper and lower promenade at Flinders Walk.
  • Work with land owners and managers on improvements to public space.
  • Upgrade pedestrian crossing at Queens Bridge Street.
  • Investigate realignment of vehicle carriageways.

Yarro Yarro Precinct map

Select each dot to learn more. Key improvements are shown by the green dots and coordination and advocacy work are shown by the blue dots.

  • Engage with Traditional Custodians and RAP determination.
  • Interface with land owners and managers on potential improvements.
  • Undertake climate impact and asset vulnerability assessment.