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Shaping music in Melbourne

We are proud of our reputation for supporting live music in the city. Over the past four years we have worked closely with the music industry to ensure that Melbourne is a globally recognised music city and a place that supports the music community to grow and prosper.

Through the Music Strategy 2014-17, we have delivered on our vision for Melbourne to be the live music capital of Australia, and to create an inclusive, culturally diverse and entrepreneurial music industry. We have highlighted a number of key achievements as a result of this strategic work.

As we look to develop the next iteration of our music strategy for 2018-21, we have considered the shifts in the music landscape since we developed the last strategy, including the work of key stakeholders, and other levels of government. It is important that we continue to support the sector and focus on our role in addressing the issues facing the music industry at present and into the future.

As a result of our initial consultation phase via a variety of workshops and interviews with the Music Advisory Committee and other key industry stakeholders, we have developed an enhanced vision and identified four broad key focus areas which will form the basis of the next music strategy for the City of Melbourne.

We are keen to get your feedback on these focus areas and intended goals, so we can identify what the key priorities for supporting music in the City of Melbourne should be over the next four years.

The vision for this iteration of the music strategy will build on the vision from the 2014-17 strategy - to be the music capital of Australia. It will focus on Melbourne as a global music city, leading the way in supporting our emerging and established music industry to be innovative, creative, self-reliant and forward thinking.

Focus Area One: Innovation and Technology
Encourage connections between music and technology to provide more opportunities for the music industry to experiment, collaborate and reach new audiences.

Focus Area Two: Visitor Economy and International Profile
Continue to promote Melbourne as a vibrant music destination and work with industry and other partners to maximise opportunities for local musicians, audiences and music entrepreneurs.

Focus Area Three: Regulation, Urban Growth and Infrastructure
As Melbourne grows, protect and support the current diversity of music spaces in Melbourne, encourage access to new spaces and think creatively about where and when music can be performed throughout the city.

Focus Area Four: Industry Development and Diversity
Continue to celebrate our diverse music community by linking musicians and entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds with tools, technologies and mentors to help them create new music, reach audiences and distribute music through new and existing platforms.


Thank you for sharing your views to develop the next iteration of Melbourne’s Music Strategy.

13 November 2017

As we look to develop the next iteration of our Music Strategy, we are seeking your feedback on a number of key focus areas.

18 October 2017