Market Street

To continue to offer additional smoke-free areas around Melbourne, we proposed to create a smoke-free area for Market Street. The area is part of a new family-friendly park that is opening in the central city, featuring large lawns, new seating, and space for programmed events.

The smoke-free area runs between Collins Street and Flinders Lane, within the new park and adjacent footpaths.

It was made a smoke-free area on 15 September 2020 after extensive public consultation which revealed extremely strong support from the community.

Map of Market Street's smoke-free area

Lord Mayor Sally Capp at Market Street Park

Smoke-free project background

We have implemented a total of 12 smoke-free areas across the City of Melbourne. Each proposed smoke-free area is selected based on a number of factors, including:

  • location
  • number of businesses
  • pedestrian traffic
  • adjoining buildings and properties
  • existing smoking controls.

Before making a decision, we speak to the community and various key stakeholders. Learn more about this on the community consultation page.

Map of existing smoke-free areas

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Smoke-free areas