The City of Melbourne is reviewing its Sunlight to Public Space policy. As the city continues to grow and expand, it’s vital we maintain adequate levels of sunlight in our valued public space assets.

In 2016 we asked the community how sunlight affects your use of your favourite local parks, squares, ovals and other open spaces. The information collated was used to help inform the City of Melbourne’s review of the Sunlight to Public Space policy.

We're currently awaiting approval from the Minister for Planning to start the formal public exhibition phase on Amendment C278 to protect sunlight to all parks across the municipality (excluding the Hoddle Grid and Southbank).

Winter shadow simulation

The animation demonstrates the levels of sunlight and shade resulting from existing and proposed built form at Gardiner Reserve, North Melbourne during winter. It shows the difference in the length and direction of shadows throughout the day. This local park is a good example of a valuable open space which is susceptible to increased overshadowing from built form at the park edge if development isn’t carefully managed.