BioBlitz 2014 prize winners

January 6, 2015

We are pleased to announce and congratulate the winners of the BioBlitz Melbourne 2014 prizes.

BioBlitz Melbourne 2014 Most Unexpected Species Prize

Awarded to: Ken Harris

Submission: Rentinus dilatatus (lanternfly).

Lanternflies are so called because originally the projections at the front of the head were thought to illuminate at night (this is not true). There is not a lot known about its biology and distribution. It is known to occur along the east coast of Australia from Adelaide to Cairns, and has been recorded before in Melbourne but is uncommon to find here. They are much more common and much larger and more elaborate in other countries, particularly in Asia, but we still have some impressive species here in Australia. R.dilatatus is about as impressive as lanternflies get around Melbourne. As fulgorids they likely feed on the sap of trees and woody shrubs by piercing through the bark.

View the sighting on Bowerbird

BioBlitz Melbourne 2014 Photography Prize

Awarded to: Jodi Jackson

Submission: Austrotephritis poenia (fly)

View the sighting on Bowerbird

BioBlitz Melbourne 2014 Citizen Science Prize

Awarded to: David Paterson

Submission: 653 submissions from independent and guided Bioblitz events

We were also pleased to award a range of spot prizes and honourable mentions to BioBlitz participants and we congratulate them on their efforts.

Thank you to all those who contributed photos to the BioBlitz database. Your images will be used for ongoing biodiversity monitoring of the City of Melbourne.