Panel report released

May 18, 2015

The Panel appointed to consider the amendment and the submissions on the amendment has provided its report to the City of Melbourne. You can view the report below.

In summary:

  • The Panel supports the amendment and recommends Council adopt it with some changes.
  • The Panel found that the Public Use Zone 3 (the current zone), the Comprehensive Development Zone and the Mixed Use Zone were not appropriate zoning options. The panel is satisfied that the proposed zone, the Capital City Zone (CCZ), is the most appropriate zone for this site.
  • The Panel found that the Development Plan Overlay (DPO) is a suitable planning tool for the site and they recommend adopting the proposed new Schedule 10 (DPO10) with some revisions, including lowering the preferred maximum street wall height from 40 metres to 25 metres at the corner of Swanston and Grattan Streets.
  • In addition, rather than applying Clause 22.17 Urban Design outside the Capital City Zone to the site, the Panel recommends applying Clause 22.01 Urban Design within the Capital City Zone.

It is anticipated that the Future Melbourne Committee (FMC) will consider the Panel’s findings in July 2015.