Draft master plan for City Road starts to take shape

November 25, 2014

Work on a draft master plan for City Road is underway, with community feedback and detailed traffic analysis helping to inform its development.

The traffic analysis is expected to finish in early 2015. The data collected will help us better understand how the road currently functions while informing improvement options to be proposed as part of the draft master plan. The analysis is also required if any changes to the road are to be considered by VicRoads, the relevant management authority.

Given the importance of the traffic analysis in helping inform the draft plan, the next phase of community engagement will now take place in mid 2015.

Details will be well-publicised so that as many people as possible can provide feedback before the master plan is finalised later next year.

The City Road Master plan is part of a suite of projects being undertaken in Southbank. It will seek to make City Road an accessible, high quality and welcoming place while still maintaining its function as an important transport link.

If you are interested in finding out about other projects within Southbank, visit the Shape your Southbank Participate Melbourne page.