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The Green Your Laneway nomination process has now closed. Project updates are provided below.

There are over two hundred lanes in the central city, making up an area of almost nine hectares – bigger than Flagstaff Gardens. We have established the Green Your Laneway program to help transform the city’s laneways into leafy, green and useable spaces for everyone to enjoy. The City of Melbourne will fund up to four green laneways in the central city. City residents, building owners and businesses can all play a role in helping choose these first pilot projects.

As part of the program we’ve developed a world-first interactive map that shows laneways that could go green, based on the amount of sunlight they receive, exposure to wind and physical characteristics.


The City of Melbourne is delighted to announce four laneways that show great potential for greening. The four Green Your Laneway pilot lanes are:

  • Katherine Place
  • Meyers Place
  • Guildford Lane
  • Coromandel Place

The Green Your Laneways team reached out to building owners in each of the shortlisted laneways to determine their interest in taking part and collaborating on the pilot. Each of the successful laneways has a group of owners that are highly supportive of the project, and at least one champion to help build support within the laneway.

To those who have worked with the City Of Melbourne and have been selected - congratulations! We will be in touch to work with you on developing a design in coming weeks. These projects are expected to be delivered in the 2016-17 financial year.

If you were in one of the laneways that narrowly missed out, thank you for your interest and be assured that the City Of Melbourne’s vision for its laneways is only just beginning. The City Of Melbourne is currently investigating new ways of funding a fifth Green Your Laneway project. Keep an eye out for a questionnaire in coming weeks, which will be used to determine how a fifth project may be delivered.

Finally, thank you for participating in this initiative. It has been fantastic to have your ideas and interest. The Green you Laneway team cannot wait to celebrate the opening of our laneways with you!

Feel free to get in touch with us at if you have any questions.

February 18, 2016

Thank you for nominating a laneway to be greened as part of Green Your Laneway. We had a great response to this project, and received over 800 nominations in total.

The shortlist

We have now reviewed each nomination against our selection criteria and developed a shortlist of ten lanes. Here are the lanes, in no particular order:

  • Alfred Place
  • Anthony Street
  • Coromandel Place
  • Drewery Lane
  • Guildford Lane
  • Katherine Place
  • Little William Street
  • Liverpool St
  • Meyers Place
  • Malthouse Lane

Refer to our FAQs if you have questions about how these were selected.

Process for shortlisted lanes

Our next step will be to send letters to building owners in these laneways to understand if they are supportive of potential greening. This is particularly important in laneways where vertical gardens are requested, as this will require an agreement between building owners and the City of Melbourne. The results of this consultation will help us choose the four successful pilot lanes.

So, if you made a nomination and own a building in one of these lanes, keep an eye out for a letter from us.

If you are a commercial or residential tenant nominator in a shortlisted lane and have an opportunity to speak to your building owner or property manager, please be sure to mention that we’re keen to hear from them and our letter is on its way.

We will also be contacting nominators in the shortlisted lanes separately to get further details on proposed financial contributions.


Due to the large number of nominations, our selection process is taking slightly longer than planned. We will announce the four successful lanes in early 2016, following the conclusion of the consultation process for shortlisted lanes.

If you missed out

Unfortunately we can only have four pilot lanes through this process. While our project budget is fully allocated, we’re investigating the potential for crowdfunding to help green laneways.

If the Green Your Laneway pilot projects are successful, we will seek to green more laneways in following years.

November 30, 2015

We’ve had a fantastic response with over 800 nominations. We will be considering these over coming weeks, and we expect that a shortlist will be announced toward the end of November.

The laneway map will be updated a final time on Monday 16 November, and nominations will continue to be visible on the map during the shortlisting process.

In the meantime, feel free to contact us at if you have any questions.

November 16, 2015