Eastwood and Rankins Road Reserve Project Update: Road Discontinuance and Right Turn Ban

December 18, 2014

The Eastwood and Rankins Road Reserve park expansion proposal has been subject to a public notice process on the proposed discontinuance of portions of Eastwood Street and Rankins Road, Kensington in order to create the public open space. In addition consultation was undertaken, at the same time on the proposed full-time right turn ban from Macaulay Road into Rankins Road. Submissions for both proposals closed on Thursday 2 October 2014.

After taking into consideration all the submissions made for both submissions processes and other relevant material, Council resolved at its meeting on 25 November 2014 to:

  1. Approve the discontinuance of portions of road on Crown land in Eastwood Street and Rankins Road, Kensington, in accordance with the recommendation of the Submissions (Section 223) Committee who, having considered all written submissions in relation to the proposal and heard all persons wishing to be heard in support of their submissions, recommended that Council discontinues portions of Eastwood Street and Rankins Road, Kensington, as shown hatched on the public notice dated 4 September 2014, for the reason that:
    1. the City of Melbourne Open Space Strategy has identified the need to improve the provision of open space in Kensington and the discontinuance will enable the creation of new public open space to assist in meeting that need
    2. there will be no net loss in car parking as a result of the discontinuance
    3. the open space will enable a net increase in tree canopy cover
    4. the majority of submissions in opposition to the road discontinuance proposal are in respect to the separate proposal to have a full time right turn ban for vehicles turning from Macaulay Road into Rankins Road (right turn ban).
  2. Request that every person who has lodged a separate submission be notified of the decision and reasons for the decision in writing.
  3. Note the full time right turn ban turning from Macaulay Road into Rankins Road endorsed by the Future Melbourne Committee on 10 June 2014, and directs that the traffic impacts of this ban be reviewed 12 months post implementation.

The approval of the road discontinuance by Council has meant that we can commence the technical detailed design of the concept plan. This will be followed by the tendering of the works and construction of the park. Construction works are expected to commence about mid-2015, pending no delays. Rankins Road will then become a two-way carriageway from Eastwood Street to Macaulay Road.

The approved full-time right turn ban into Rankins Road from Macaulay Road will be introduced during the construction phase, as this is when Eastwood Street will no longer be directly available from Macaulay Road.

We would like to thank you for your time and effort in informing the road discontinuance and/or the right turn ban submissions processes. We appreciate your ongoing interest in the park expansion project for Eastwood and Rankins Road Reserve.

If you would like further information on Eastwood and Rankins Road Reserve park expansion, please do not hesitate to contact the Urban Landscapes Branch on 9658 9658 or email urbanlandscapes@melbourne.vic.gov.au.