An Interview with Docklands Participant Alison

February 25, 2014

The Docklands urban forest consultation was held on February 15 as part of the Sustainable Living Festival's(External link) Big Weekend. More than 120 members of the community joined Councillor Arron Wood and City of Melbourne staff to plan Docklands' future urban forest.

Alison, a City of Melbourne resident and recent graduate of the Master of Environment program at Melbourne University, participated in the consultation and had this to say after the event...

What was your main motivation for attending today?

My main motivation was to see what the City of Melbourne’s engagement process was like. I would never normally have the opportunity to contribute to what they’re doing so I wanted to come and see the process. I also wanted to contribute some ideas since urban forestry is something I’m really interested in.

What was the most interesting aspect of today for you?

It was great to see how surprised people were that they were actually being listened to. Some of the people at our table were so enthusiastic about putting stickers on the maps because they really wanted the City of Melbourne to know what they thought. It was cool to see that they felt pretty empowered by the process.

What is one thing that you learned, that you didn’t know before?

I didn’t realise that the City of Melbourne held consultations so often. I also didn’t realise it was in correlation with academic research; I didn’t know they were consulting with academics as well as the community. It was great to learn how collaborative and consistent engagement can be.

What is your favourite green space in the Docklands and/or the City of Melbourne?

I really like Royal Park just because it’s so active and there’s always people using it formally and informally, like rugby practice and kids throwing Frisbees. It’s so well used and so accessible to everyone.

Kensington's urban forest consultation is coming up! Join us at the Kensington Community Recreation Centre on Sunday March 16, 9.30 am - 12.30 pm.