Roles of government in providing social and affordable housing

Addressing homelessness is a priority for the City of Melbourne.

We’re working in partnership with people who are experiencing homelessness, support and service agencies, businesses, Victoria police, and the Victorian and Australian Governments to reduce homelessness in Melbourne.

Our three main aims are to:

  1. work with our partners to help provide long-term supportive housing
  2. partner with health, welfare, housing services and outreach to coordinate service delivery for rough sleepers
  3. support women and children at risk of family violence to secure services and safe accommodation.

The table below outlines our role in helping to provide social and affordable housing alongside the roles of the Australian and Victorian Governments:

Australian Federal GovernmentVictorian State GovernmentCity of Melbourne
  • Leadership housing and homelessness policy and funding
  • Income support and rental subsidies
  • Immigration and settlement policy and programs
  • Financial sector regulations taxation settings
  • Competition policy relating to housing and buildings
  • Provision of national infrastructure
  • Housing-related & homelessness data

  • Leadership and housing and homelessness funding
  • Services, administration and delivery
  • Land use, supply and urban planning and development
  • Financial support and services for renters and buyers
  • State and Territory taxes and charges
  • Infrastructure policy
  • Tenancy and not-for-profit housing sector legislation and regulation

  • Building approval processes
  • Local urban planning and development approval processes
  • Rates and charges that influence housing affordability