Those who have visited the city recently may have noticed large digital advertising screens installed on new public payphones across Melbourne.

The City of Melbourne is concerned that the new, larger structures may impede pedestrians, disrupt the flow of footpath traffic and negatively impact a number of local retailers and businesses.

The new installations are nearly 50 per cent larger and, at 1678mmm high and 970mm wide, the digital advertising billboards are nearly 60 per cent larger than previous signage screens.

The high-resolution 75” LCD screens are programmed to show up to four advertisements every minute, displaying 15 and 30-second commercial advertisements into the public realm.

Telstra has indicated it is planning to triple the number of structures with electronic billboards - from 40 to 120 – throughout the Hoddle Grid.

We are seeking community feedback on the new payphone structures and digital billboards displaying commercial advertising to help inform our position, and to ensure that the community is considered in the use of this public space. We encourage you to share your feedback below.

Community consultation is open from 3 September to 18 September.

For more information, see Telstra super-sized advertising structures raise concerns

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