The urban ecology requirements in amendment C376 implements the award winning Green Factor tool. Green Factor is a green infrastructure assessment tool designed by City of Melbourne and developed to help with designing and constructing new buildings that are environmentally friendly and include green infrastructure. It forms part of our work to respond to the climate and biodiversity emergency.

Green Factor is an award-winning, online tool is designed to help landscape designers, architects, planners and developers benchmark and improve how effective their greening designs for proposed developments are. Our hope is that it will help increase the amount of vegetation cover on private land in Melbourne.

Our environmental strategies have been used to prioritise the types of greening that will provide benefit to the public and the environment. The scoring of Green Factor is underpinned by the latest research into the environmental and social benefits of green infrastructure. Green Factor is the first online tool of this kind in Australia.

Green Factor will help new buildings to deliver benefits in the following areas:

  • urban heat island effect reduction
  • biodiversity and habitat provision
  • stormwater reduction
  • social amenity such as recreation and mental wellbeing
  • urban food production
  • aesthetic values.

Green Factor is free to use and available for the development industry to assess and benchmark their greening proposals. Amendment C376 includes a minimum mandatory requirement that all new developments must achieve a Green Factor score of 0.55and a desired score of 0.55 for alterations and additions above 1000sqm gross floor area. A Green Factor scorecard must be submitted as part of the landscape documentation for all relevant development applications.

Green Factor tool

Try the Green factor tool, a tool for measuring the green infrastructure credentials of your development.

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