The Guildford and Hardware Laneways Study May 2017 was undertaken by heritage consultants, Lovell Chen, to identify additional culturally significant heritage places within the Guildford and Hardware Laneways study area. In response to the recommendations in the Lovell Chen study, City of Melbourne now seeks to build on the existing planning controls and protect all significant heritage places within the study area through Amendment C271.

Their study follows previous recognition and protection of the area through the Melbourne Planning Scheme via Design and Development Overlays, which apply height limits to buildings adjoining these laneways and existing individual Heritage Overlays. These existing planning controls have helped protect and reinforce the unique characteristics that make the area significant.

Panel hearing

A Directions Hearing was held on 12 June 2018 at Planning Panels Victoria in relation to Amendment C271. The Hearing will commence at 10am on Wednesday 25 July 2018.

All documents supplied to the Panel before the Directions Hearing are available in the document directory.

All submissions received by the Planning Authority have been referred to the Panel. A comprehensive summary of all submissions is available at Attachment 2 (pg 3 of 511) of the C271 Report to the Future Melbourne Committee of 15 May 2018. A hardcopy of original Submissions is available at Council.

Amendment background

Amendment C271 proposes to implement the recommendations of the Guildford and Hardware Laneways Heritage Study May 2017, by making the following changes:

  • Modify the Schedule to Clause 43.01 Heritage Overlay to introduce two new heritage precincts, seven new individual heritage places, extend the boundaries of two existing Heritage Overlays, and change the description of some existing heritage places.
  • Alter the policy at Clause 22.04 Heritage Places within the Capital City Zone Policy so that the recommendations of the study are considered when making decisions relating to any of the places and precincts which are the subject of this Amendment.
  • Amend the Schedule to Clause 81.01 Incorporated Documents to introduce two new incorporated documents, Guildford and Hardware Laneways Heritage Study 2017: Statements of Significance and Guildford and Hardware Laneways Heritage Study 2017: Heritage Inventory so that the individual building classification of Significant, Contributory or non-Contributory and the Statements of Significance are considered when making decisions relating to any of the places which are the subject of this Amendment.
  • Amend Planning Scheme maps 8HO1 and 8HO2 to introduce the new Heritage places and precincts and to fix a mapping error so that the correct site is mapped.

A Heritage Overlay on your property will mean that, in most instances, you will need a planning permit from Council to subdivide the land, construct a building, carry out alterations and additions, externally paint a building or erect a sign.

Council officers will need to consider the heritage significance of your property before making a decision on a planning permit application, which seeks to modify the appearance of your property.

A planning permit is not required for repairs and routine maintenance that do not change the appearance of the heritage place or for internal alterations, unless the interiors are deemed significant.