The City of Melbourne is building a robust framework to ensure the appropriate location and operation of gaming venues.

Melbourne is Victoria’s pre-eminent cultural and entertainment location, providing entertainment for residents, visitors and tourists, as well as services that satisfy the needs of the community. Whilst gaming represents a legal entertainment offering, gaming machines are recognised as the form of gambling associated with the greatest harms to individuals, their families and the broader community.

We are seeking to revise and update the existing local planning policy for gaming to reflect the current statutory regulatory framework, and provide a robust framework to guide the assessment of planning applications for gaming venues to minimise the negative impacts.

The Gaming Planning Provisions Committee considered Amendment C307 following a loss of quorum at the Council meeting that was due to consider adoption of the Amendment. The Committee resolved to refer Amendment C307 to the Minister for Planning and request that the Minister for Planning prepare and approve a new amendment to the Melbourne Planning Scheme under Section 20(4) of the Planning and Environment Act in the same form as Amendment C307 on the basis that the Amendment has already been the subject of the statutory exhibition, consultation and a panel process under the Act.

This new amendment forms Planning Scheme Amendment C366 Gaming policy, which is awaiting approval by the Minister for Planning.

Amendment overview

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