The City of Melbourne is building a robust framework to ensure the appropriate location and operation of gaming venues.

Melbourne is Victoria’s pre-eminent cultural and entertainment location, providing entertainment for residents, visitors and tourists, and services that satisfy the needs of the community. Whilst gaming represents a legal entertainment offering, gaming machines are recognised as the form of gambling associated with the greatest harms to individuals, their families and the broader community.

We are seeking to revise and update the existing local planning policy for gaming to reflect the current statutory regulatory framework in which gaming takes place, and provide a robust framework to guide the assessment of planning applications for gaming venues to minimise the impacts of gaming within the municipality.

We invite you to make a submission on Melbourne Planning Scheme Amendment C307 by 5pm on Friday 29 June 2018. You can do this by completing the submission form below. For other options, please read the submission process.

Amendment background

Amendment C307 proposes to implement the outcomes of a review of the City of Melbourne’s gaming policy in the Melbourne Planning Scheme, by strengthening policy. This will ensure that electronic gaming machines are suitably located and operated as part of range of entertainment in the City, while ensuring that any social and economic impacts are also assessed.

It will make the following changes to the Planning Scheme:

  • Amend Clause 21.10-6 Cultural/Arts and Entertainment Facilities, to strengthen policy to ensure that electronic gaming machines operate as part of the overall range of entertainment activities in the municipality.
  • Amend Clause 21.12 Hoddle Grid, to strengthen policy to reduce the concentration of electronic gaming machines in the Hoddle Grid where they contribute to convenience gambling
  • Amend Clause 22.12 to introduce a revised policy which enables a more comprehensive assessment of the social and economic impacts of gaming, and assists in guiding the appropriate location and operation of gaming venues.
  • Amend the Schedule to Clause 52.28 Gaming, to update the list of shopping complexes where the installation or use of a gaming machine is prohibited.
  • Amendment C307 is supported by the reference documents; ‘City of Melbourne Electronic Gaming Machine Decision-Making Framework, 2017’, and ‘City of Melbourne Electronic Gaming Machine Review Background Report, 2017’.

    Amendment C307 seeks to revise the existing local planning policy for gaming in the Melbourne Planning Scheme, in addition to amending the planning provisions for gaming premises by updating the list of shopping complexes where the installation or use of a gaming machine is prohibited.

    If you are a current or prospective gaming venue operator, the revised local planning policy for gaming will inform City of Melbourne’s assessment of any planning permit application that seeks to install electronic gaming machines, or establish a new gaming venue.

    Submission process

    Complete the ‘make a submission’ form on this page and click ‘submit’ to lodge your submission for Amendment C307 and have your say on our gaming policy.

    A submission can also be sent via email to or posted to Robyn Hellman, Team Leader – Planning Policy, City of Melbourne, GPO Box 1603, Melbourne, Victoria 3001.

    Any person who may be affected by the amendment may make a submission to the planning authority about the amendment. Submissions must be made in writing giving the submitter’s name and contact address, clearly stating the grounds on which the amendment is supported or opposed and indicating what changes (if any) the submitter wishes to make.

    Name and contact details of submitters are required for council to consider submissions and to notify such persons of the opportunity to attend council meetings and any public hearing held to consider submissions.

    The planning authority must make a copy of every submission available at its office for any person to inspect free of charge for two months after the amendment comes into operation or lapses.

    Once the exhibition is completed, all submissions will be considered by Council. Under the Planning and Environment Act 1987, Council can decide whether to make the change requested by submissions to the amendment or request that the Minister for Planning appoint an independent panel to review and hear submissions.

    Before making a final decision on the amendment, Council will consider the independent panel’s advice. If the amendment is adopted by Council, then it will be submitted to the Minister for Planning for final approval.