Guide overview

Melbourne’s attractiveness to businesses, residents and visitors is in large part derived from the design of its buildings, streets, and open spaces. Cities that invest in high quality design entice people, investment and subsequent economic prosperity. The City of Melbourne has developed a strong reputation for urban quality through ongoing investment in the procurement of capital works projects of high design quality. Equally important is the City’s influence through the planning framework on setting expectations of the quality of private development.

The Central Melbourne Design Guide has been developed by the City of Melbourne to support the use and interpretation of the Urban Design in the Central City and Southbank Design and Development Overlay Schedule 1 (DDO1) within the Melbourne Planning Scheme.

It is an illustrative document that mirrors the structure of DDO1, which are set out in order of scale from the neighbourhood or precinct, to the scale of building interfaces and design detail.

The six themes include:

  • Urban structure
  • Site Layout
  • Building Mass
  • Building Program
  • Public Interface
  • Design Detail

The intent of the easy to use, and simple graphic format of this document is to make the DDO1 clearer and more accessible to a diverse audience, including the community, developers, designers and planners.

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