Amendment C323 aims to encourage the provision of arts and creative industry along Sturt Street in Southbank to support the role of the State Significant Melbourne Arts Precinct.

Amendment C323 was initiated by Creative Victoria and prepared in collaboration with the City of Melbourne.



  • Timeline item 1 - complete

    Submissions open

    Formal exhibition on Planning Scheme Amendment.

    Submissions open until 21 May 2018
  • Timeline item 2 - complete

    Submissions to the Future Melbourne Committee

    Report on public submissions to Future Melbourne Committee. Council requests Minister to appoint independent panel to review and hear submissions.

    7 August 2018

  • Timeline item 3 - complete

    Submissions to the independent panel

    Independent panel considers written submissions lodged during the statutory consultation period, hears verbal submissions in support of the written submissions and makes recommendations.

  • Timeline item 4 - complete

    Reconvened panel

    Panel reconvened to consider the revised amendment and any further submissions.

  • Timeline item 5 - complete

    Submissions to the Future Melbourne Committee and Council

    Future Melbourne Committee and Council considers the panel report and changes to the Planning Scheme Amendment and adopts the Amendment at the Council meeting on 12 May 2020. Council submits the final Amendment to the Minister for Planning for his approval on 19 June 2020.

  • Timeline item 6 - complete

    Minister approves Amendment

    Minister for Planning approves Amendment C323 on 5 December 2021 with the Amendment coming into effect on 24 December 2021 with the notice appearing in the Government Gazette.

    23 December 2021

Consultation closed

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