The Minister for Planning has extended the existing interim heritage controls for the Hoddle Grid through Amendment C383.

This follows the gazettal of Amendment C327 (Hoddle Grid Interim Controls) in October 2018, which introduced interim heritage controls for places recommended for inclusion within heritage overlays in the Hoddle Grid Heritage Review.

These interim heritage controls were due to expire on 29 May 2020. Under Amendment C383 these controls have been extended for a further year until 29 May 2021.

This will ensure the impact of new development on the heritage value of these places continues to be assessed as part of development applications whilst permanent controls are processed.



  • Timeline item 1 - complete

    Gazettal of Amendment C327 (Hoddle Grid Interim Controls)

    October 2018

  • Timeline item 2 - complete

    Amendment C383 approved by Minister for Planning

    Following expiration of Amendment C327 on 19 May 2020

Consultation closed

Amendment overview

Amendment C383 amends the Schedule to Clause 43.01 (PDF 980.22 KB) (Heritage Overlay) to:

  • Extend the expiry dates of existing interim Heritage Overlays for 57 individual places and 6 precincts for one year until 29 May 2021.
  • Delete HO1252 (307-309 King Street) as this building has been demolished.
  • Add reference to the relevant incorporated documents for HO1231 (Metropolitan Hotel).
  • Correct an anomaly by replacing HO1237 with HO1238 for the shop at 173-175 Bourke Street, Melbourne.

Amends the following incorporated documents in the Schedule to Clause 72.04 (PDF 186.39 KB):

Amends the local policy reference at Clause 22.04 (PDF 204.79 KB) to reflect the amended date of the Statements of Significance.

Amends Planning Scheme Map No 8HO2 (361.37 KB) to delete HO1252 for 307-309 King Street, Melbourne (Scott and Walton engineering works) as this building has been demolished.

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