Arden and Macaulay

We're working together to plan and deliver key strategic projects in the Arden and Macaulay urban renewal area. Each agency is responsible for leading and delivering a variety of strategic projects.

Each section and project is explained on the map below:

Strategic projects

The Minister for Planning has approved Amendment C190 (Part 1). This amendment covers northern Macaulay and includes rezoning of the area to mixed-use and the introduction of built form controls to facilitate residential development.

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    The Arden Vision is the result of extensive stakeholder and community consultation. It paves the way for a vibrant innovation precinct with 15,000 residents and 34,000 jobs. Arden will have a lively public realm, high-quality and affordable places to live, community hubs, new schools, and diverse open spaces.

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    The new North Melbourne Station will trigger significant urban renewal in this inner-city growth area, connecting more people to the central city and future proofing Melbourne's economic prosperity.

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    Melbourne Water, the City of Melbourne and VPA will work together to understand opportunities for water management, open space and land use around the creek.

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    Renewing Arden and Macaulay