The City of Melbourne is proud of its reputation for supporting lively street culture and greatly values the diversity of entertainment that buskers provide in the public realm.

We are also committed to providing a safe, accessible and culturally sensitive environment for all visitors, workers and residents.

In the context of the our Street Activity Policy 2011, a busker is considered to be an entertainer who is actively providing a public performance in the public space in exchange for a donation.

In 2017 we spoke to stakeholder groups including buskers, residents, traders and the community to gain insights on what could be improved in the Street Activity Policy.

Consultation was delivered through face-to-face stakeholder meetings and an online survey.

From the feedback collected we developed a new Melbourne Busking Handbook, which was launched in April 2019.

The Melbourne Busking Handbook will assist performers, city visitors, businesses and residents to understand the rules for busking while ensuring that safety, access and amenity are maintained. We want to ensure that busking continues to flourish and remains a positive aspect of Melbourne city life.

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2018 Guidelines

2011 Guidelines

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