Over the past 20 years, Melbourne has experienced many climate events that have affected the things you value. These events provide us an indication of what might be in-store for us in the future. Under climate change, it is likely that more of these events will occur with greater intensity or more often, or both.

There are two responses to climate change: mitigation - reducing our emissions, and adaptation - managing the risks of what might happen when the climate changes. We are strongly committed to both types of action. However, this discussion focuses on our adaptation response.

While we acknowledge that mitigation is necessary to limit the amount of change we might see in our climate, we also acknowledge that there is change already locked into our systems – no matter what we do.

Adaptation strengthens our ability maintain the things we value and love about our city. By refreshing our Climate Change Adaptation Strategy 2009, we aim to provide direction for how we plan, prepare and respond to ensure that the city can survive and thrive as the climate changes.

Find out what we've achieved so far, and what we hope to achieve in the future by clicking on the tiles below or download the full discussion paper from the document library.

More information on the focus areas is available in the discussion paper below.

Discussion Paper