Project background

Exercising your dog is an important part of responsible dog ownership, and the City of Melbourne supports this need with existing off-leash areas.

We have seen significant growth in dog ownership over the last year; due in part to COVID-19 lockdowns, as well as changed rental laws that now allow for tenants to own dogs. As a result, we are looking to increase the number of off-leash areas to better accommodate for the increase in animals.

Off-leash spaces

There are currently nine dog off-leash areas available and we have identified eight potential new spaces that were nominated by the community, along with City of Melbourne’s park rangers, animal management, open space planning and green infrastructure teams.
  • E-gate
  • Lorimer St Precinct, Fishermans Bend
  • Flemington Racecourse/Maribyrnong River
  • Arden/Macaulay Development
  • Kings Way and Moray St Reserve (about to be constructed)
  • Ron Barassi Senior Park – eastern half of oval. 500 Docklands Drive, Docklands
  • Customs Square, 401 Flinders Street, Melbourne
  • Canning and Macaulay Road Reserve, 192-216 Macaulay Rd, North Melbourne (small dogs only)

Timed access

We know that not everyone is comfortable sharing spaces with dogs, so timed off-leash access may be the way for all park users to share our open spaces. This model is currently being used by the City of Melbourne at sports ovals, and other councils have also applied this model across a variety of parks with great success.
  • Wellington Park, Wellington Parade South East Melbourne
  • Murchison Square, 23-57 Murchison Street, Carlton
  • Point Park, 104 Lorimer Street Docklands
  • Riverside Park, 95 The Crescent Kensington
  • Eades Park, 372-376 King Street, West Melbourne

Dog facilities

The placement of dog waste bag dispensers and dog water bowls has largely been dictated by where large numbers of dogs are observed to be walked on a regular basis. We are currently reviewing the number and location of these facilities.

Interactive map

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Dogs in open spaces