The conversation

The East Melbourne and Jolimont Pedestrian and Road Safety Improvement Study commenced in October 2021 and is part of a wider City of Melbourne project reviewing road safety across each neighbourhood.

The study identified a range of pedestrian and road safety improvements that could be implemented over coming years subject to community support.

A list of proposed improvement projects was then shared with the community including locations, cost estimates and concept plans. We then asked the community to tell us which road safety and pedestrian improvement projects they would like to see funded.

Gathering insights

The community consultation was open on Participate Melbourne from 31 October to 21 November 2022.

Community insights were collected through a form on Participate Melbourne, which asked community members to choose the top five improvement projects they would like to see funded. There was a total of 25 proposed projects to choose from.

City of Melbourne also hosted an online information session and Q&A that was open to the whole community.

What we heard

There were 31 contributions from community members who shared their thoughts and preferences.

The top five most popular projects voted for on Participate Melbourne were:

  1. Traffic signals on Albert and Clarendon Street – selected by 29 per cent of participants
  2. Zebra crossing Jolimont Terrace – selected by 26 per cent of participants
  3. Reduce speed limit on Wellington Parade South to 40kph – selected by 22 per cent of participants
  4. Zebra crossing Clarendon and Gipps Street – selected by 22 per cent of participants
  5. Zebra crossing Hotham and Powlett Street - selected by 21 per cent of participants.

The feedback included:


Participants’ responses have been provided to the independent traffic consultants undertaking the study and will be used as part of the assessment process to prioritise road safety treatments subject to future funding.

Next steps

The project team will now develop draft designs and concept plans for the proposed pedestrian improvement projects. These designs will be shared with the community for feedback ahead of any works commencing to ensure local support for those in the immediately impacted area.

Road safety in East Melbourne and Jolimont