Current Pilots

Winners of the Reimagining the City Challenge

Micro-Labs will reimagine how a retail location can function by using big data to design and test flexible layouts depending on the time of day and week. This will create new ways for small businesses and community digital inclusion activities to occur in the heart of the city.

This is a partnership with AECOM.

MV Arcade will reimagine how we play in open spaces by leveraging technology to create a unique gaming experience, designed to accommodate many including non-English speakers and wheelchair users. They will be able to play each other in classic arcade games whilst socially distanced in a 10x10 metre area, attracting and entertaining visitors to our parks and gardens.

This pilot is a partnership with SAGE Automation and Swinburne University.

Social Spaces will reimagine how we use public spaces by leveraging data to build new types of on-street experiences that match what people want to do in different areas of the city, i.e. eating take away outside, connecting with family and friends. By bringing together a multi-disciplinary team we can pilot and trial data informed design and decision making to create public spaces in the city that are more attractive and encourage people to stay, connect and enjoy the city.

This pilot is a partnership with Inhabit Place, Altometer, Tait Network, Spark Furniture and Rowlands Metalworks.

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There are currently a number of pilots that are in progress. These include:

In partnership with Amazon Web Services, Citywide, Peclet Technology, Phoria, Meshed, Smart City Solutions and University of Melbourne a range of sensors have been installed in Argyle Square to help City of Melbourne understand park activity. These include:

  • rubbish bin fill levels
  • pedestrian counting
  • bench and stage use
  • humidity and temperature of different tree species
  • local air quality
  • local rainfall levels
  • local wind speed

These sensors collect data that will help us to improve the Argyle Square park experience and learnings may be applied to other parks and open spaces in the City of Melbourne.

In partnership with Yarra Trams and Active Reactor, a microclimate sensor will be installed on a city circle tram to help us understand how temperature and humidity impact the comfort of passengers and Yarra Trams employees at tram stops.

This tram line circles the CBD. We selected this tram as it is the only Tram Route that stays within the municipality. If the pilot is successful, we may expand this pilot to include more tram routes.


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