Expression of interest for the testbed challenge

Complete the form below to express your interest in taking part in the Reimagining the City Testbed Challenge.

The details you provide in this application form will help us to determine your eligibility to progress to the pitching round. During the pitching round, a panel of judges will be scoring you based on how well you address the judging criteria during your pitch.

Applications closed at 11.59pm on 19 February 2021.

Applications are open from 23/12/2020 and will be closed on 11.59pm on 19/02/2021.

  • Acknowledgement of receipt of your EOI does not guarantee acceptance of your application or any individual business as a Testbed partner. Acceptance as a testbed partner is at our sole discretion, based on an objective and merit-based process according to the Requirements outlined here.
  • We have overall responsibility for the delivery of the testbed community engagement and maintain creative, directional, and conceptual control of all community engagement components.
  • We may propose partnering/collaborating with other businesses/organisations if there are applications that align with yours.

Emerging Technology Testbed partners are responsible for all costs associated with the delivery of their partnership contribution.

Testbed partners must be willing to work with us and other Testbed partners by:

  • Having a registered ABN or equivalent.
  • Demonstrating upon request that your organisation has the capacity to deliver your testbed contribution in a safe and legal manner, including holding appropriate insurance cover
  • Agreeing to the Emerging Technology Testbed Collaboration Agreement
  • Agreeing to the Emerging Technology Testbed Data Sharing Policy and Procedure
  • Agreeing to meet appropriate Data Security Standards. For example: Hypercat, ISO 37106:2018
  • Agreeing to working with City of Melbourne to create a Privacy Impact Assessment if relevant to their submission

If successful, testbed partners must be able to:

  • Deliver their testbed contribution in a safe and legal manner, hold appropriate insurance cover (public liability), and if requested provide risk assessment, safety plans and insurance certificate.
  • Be available to participate in ongoing community engagement

We reserve the right to reject a submission where:

  • There is a conflict of interest with our direction, reputation, objectives, partners or sponsors.
  • There is not adequate evidence to show the application will be delivered to the standards expected.
  • The EOI is from, or is about, a promotional offer, retail discount, competition, marketing campaign or online business/initiative.
  • The EOI does not comply with these terms and conditions.

Emerging Technology Testbed