Concept proposal

We are proposing to install a new public toilet on Faraday Street in Carlton to replace the previous public toilet that was decommissioned in 2016.

We have identified four potential areas for the toilet and developed an artist's impression photos of the toilet in each location.

Learn more about the features and impacts of each location and the type of toilet we are proposing to install.

Four proposed locations for Faraday Street public toilet

Select the spots to learn about the features and impacts or each location. Select each image to enlarge.

Exeloo Galaxy design

The type of toilet to be installed will be an Exeloo 'Galaxy' design. This is a modern and compact individual cubicle design that features touchless design and requires minimal contact with toilet surfaces.

The Exeloo features:

  • automatic sliding doors
  • touchless handwashing station
  • attached fireproof bin
  • automatic paper dispenser
  • automatic flush
  • natural ventilation
  • secure locking systems
  • protective stainless steel housing.
Artist impression of toilet

Artist's impression of Exeloo Galaxy design

Faraday Street Public Toilet