Why are we doing this?

The proposed improvements to the Pasley Street North entrance will help to:

  • resolve long-standing drainage issues in the area
  • improve tree and landscape health
  • improve pedestrian and cyclist safety
  • improve the amenity of the park entrance.

The proposed improvement works to Fawkner Park were designed with consideration to the registered heritage values of Fawkner Park, the increased community use of this location, and the long-standing condition issues at the Pasley Street North entrance.

The vision of the plan is to ensure a healthy, sustainable landscape and to support the existing and future community use of Fawkner Park.

Key improvements

  • New drainage infrastructure, including a gently sloped lawn swale. This will retain water and allow it to soak into the ground during high storm water flow events.
  • De-compacting soil and mulching under existing trees to improve water retention.
  • The planting of 21 new trees, complementing the landscape character of Fawkner Park.
  • The introduction of two new paths, garden beds and feature seating to protect existing trees from compaction by reducing access to tree root zones.
  • The creation of garden beds around some trees to improve water and air permeability into their root zones.
  • Renovating the existing lawn affected by the recent Melbourne Water main renewal works by ameliorating the soil in this area.
  • Relocation of the basketball court and re-landscaping the area with a gently sloping lawn swale to assist drainage.
  • Relocation of the basketball court closer to the picnic and play area to allow for landscape drainage solution and improve the integration between the play and basketball court.
  • Improve the basketball court to allow for other informal recreation uses such as netball and line-marking for play, thereby making it multi-purpose.
  • Improving the overall amenity of the entrance to better reflect the importance of Fawkner Park as a premier park.
  • The creation of a new path to improve pedestrian safety and cyclist circulation in the area.

Coloured concept plan

The coloured concept plan below is a simplified and coloured version of the detailed landscape plans submitted to Heritage Victoria and has any adjustments made during the heritage permit application process.

To see what has changed from the Final Concept Plan, please see the Final Concept Plan with Heritage Permit Application Adjustments.

Select an icon to view before and after concepts of the areas

These 'after' visualisations were created using sophisticated 3D modelling technology. Geo-referenced photographs were taken, which replicated the viewing conditions of the human eye. The proposed design was then modelled on top of the existing base model at the correct co-ordinates. Surrounding buildings and landmarks were included and modelled in the software.

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