City of Melbourne is leading the development of a framework to guide the selection of names for future streets and open spaces that are yet to be created in two of Fishermans Bend's five precincts:

  • the Fishermans Bend National Employment and Innovation Cluster (NEIC)
  • the Lorimer Precinct

This framework is referred to as the Fishermans Bend Place Naming Framework.

This consultation process enabled us to hear a wide range of local stories and anecdotes relating to Fishermans Bend. These stories will help us shape the place naming themes and principles within the Framework to ensure the names of future streets and open spaces within Fishermans Bend are meaningful and celebrate the area’s rich history and future aspirations.

Existing place names such as 'Fishermans Bend' will not be changed through this process.

Consultation summary

Read about what we heard on our recent Place Naming engagement project.

Map of the NEIC and Lorimer precincts in Fishermans Bend



  • Timeline item 1 - complete

    Community consultation to inform the Draft Fishermans Bend Place Naming Framework

    28 August to 9 October 2023

  • Timeline item 2 - incomplete

    Community consultation key findings shared with the community

    Early 2024

  • Timeline item 3 - incomplete

    Preparation of Draft Fishermans Bend Place Naming Framework

    Early 2024

  • Timeline item 4 - incomplete

    Community consultation to receive feedback on Draft Fishermans Bend Place Naming Framework 

    Mid 2024

  • Timeline item 5 - incomplete

    Final Fishermans Bend Place Naming Framework presented to Future Melbourne Committee

    Late 2024

Project overview

Find out more about the project.

Map of Fishermans Bend

Do you have a story to share about a unique person, place or experience in Fishermans Bend? What should our future Fishermans Bend be known for?

Use green pins for ideas and memories of Fishermans Bend in the present and the past. Use blue pins for ideas related to Fishermans Bend’s future.

Statement from Bunurong Land Council Aboriginal Corporation on Fishermans Bend

The area now known as Fishermans Bend has been Bunurong Country for tens of thousands of years.

Bunurong peoples have an ongoing social, cultural, spiritual and economic connection to this place where the Birrarung (Yarra River) flows into Naarm (Port Phillip Bay).

Bunurong culture and language is unique and irreplaceable and as such requires greater recognition and protection. Bunurong culture and language exists throughout all aspects of the landscape; our lands, waters and us - the people.

The rights and interests of Bunurong people arise from their spirituality, customary lore, original ownership, custodianship, and kinship. The effective protection and conservation of our culture and language is important in maintaining the identity, health and wellbeing of our people.

Bunurong culture and language are a part of the story of us as Bunurong people, as is our recent history of persistence, survival and cultural revival. Our intent is that Bunurong language is recognised, used and respected within our traditional lands, including Fishermans Bend. The names of places as given by our Ancestors must be respected and prioritised.

In line with Victoria’s current Aboriginal Self-Determination policies, the BLCAC must be consulted prior to any use of Bunurong language or place naming within Bunurong Country.

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