The conversation

A key action of the City of Melbourne’s Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy is to deliver a food and garden waste service.

The rollout commenced in June 2021 and in August we sought feedback from community.

Gathering insights

Community Engagement was open between 21 August and 1 November 2021.

Over that time we had 720 submissions on our Participate Melbourne survey and 23 comments on our Waste Champions wall, where community shared tips and tricks on waste management.

Who we reached


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wall comments

What we heard

Community said the information pack included with the bins were helpful and 90 per cent of respondents said they were likely to use the new food and garden waste service. People are keen to know more about where waste ends up and about the impact community can have. We heard great suggestions such as weekly bin reminders on apps and using different languages and channels to reach more people

The feedback received included:


Feedback received in this community engagement has been considered in the continuing rollout of the food and organic service. It has also helped to inform our next stage of community engagement as we work towards a Zero Waste City.

New Food and Garden Waste service