Phase one consultation

The conversation

The first round of community consultation took place from March to April 2018.

During this time we collected ideas from members of the community on what they would like to see in the renewal of JJ Holland Park.

We did this through Kensington Community Children’s Cooperative, the Venny, talking to families in the playground, and online feedback forms.

We also investigated how JJ Holland Park is used through landscape site analysis and existing play equipment assessment.

Gathering insights

Feedback was collected both online and in person.

Two pop-up engagement sessions were held, where the community were invited to speak to City of Melbourne staff about their vision for JJ Holland Park.

An online survey asked community members what they value about the park, how they currently use the play space, and how they would like to use it in future.

What we heard

Some of the feedback we heard:


In addition to these findings, children from the Kensington Community Children’s Cooperative contributed many ideas with drawings, models, and describing things they could imagine being in the new play space. Many of these ideas have been incorporated into the concept design.


The feedback we heard was used to inform the draft concept plan. Following engagement the plan was developed with a stronger central community area with increased seating and eating spaces and areas for children to be supervised while they play.

Phase two consultation

The conversation

The second phase of community engagement was held from 21 February to 1 April 2019. This phase sought feedback on the draft concept plan for the JJ Holland Park playground renewal.

The invitation to participate was promoted widely through:

  • park signage
  • posters in key community locations
  • promotion to local community organisations and stakeholders
  • a range of social media channels.

Targeted conversations with stakeholders surrounding the play space also took place, at locations including the Kensington Community Childcare Co-op and The Venny.

Gathering insights

There were opportunities for people to become familiar with the concept plan and provide feedback by:

  • Discussing the concept at onsite meetings with Council Officers, and at the Kensington Community Festival.
  • Viewing the concept plan and fly-through online and submitting feedback through an online survey.
  • Participation at a community lunch hosted in conjunction with Kensington Neighbourhood House and Unison Housing.

Over 70 people had their say through the online survey, and a number of people provided feedback in-person.

What we heard

The engagement findings overall were supportive of the play space concept and made a number of suggestions for further play elements and amenities.

Some of the feedback we heard:


Next steps

Feedback gathered during this round of consultation has been used to shape the final design of JJ Holland Park Play Space.

We are currently finalising the design, with construction planned to start by mid 2020.

Follow the page to receive updates about the progress of the project.

JJ Holland Park Play Space Renewal