The conversation

We gathered insights into how JJ Holland Park is used through landscape site analysis and existing play equipment assessment.

During the first round of community consultation, we collected ideas from members of the community.

We did this through Kensington Community Children’s Cooperative, the Venny, talking to families in the playground, and online feedback forms.

The concept plan incorporates the valuable feedback and insights from our first phase of community consultation.

What we heard

  • Some families living nearby have children spanning a range of ages, so we need to provide a space with lots of challenge for different age groups, and a setting that supports good supervision for parents and carers, where children may be in different parts of the playground.
  • Many families like to come here to play and socialise, so the space needs to include areas for people to sit together while children are playing, and include more barbeques and picnic tables.
  • The basketball half court is very popular and should be enhanced.
  • There is some concern about the adjacent dog off-leash area, so the design needs to restrict dogs from entering the play space.
  • The paths that link to the other parts of the park and the train station are important, as is integrating the play space well with other parts of Holland Park.

In addition to these findings, children from the Kensington Community Children’s Cooperative contributed many ideas with drawings, models, and describing things they could imagine being in the new play space. Many of these ideas have been incorporated into the concept design.

Collecting ideas at Kensington Community Children's Cooperative

Explore the concept plan

See the proposed play space.