The new play space design for JJ Holland Park comprises of a series of connected zones, providing a diverse range of play opportunities. The space will maximise the character and shade of existing trees and better connect with facilities such as the basketball half-court, BBQ and picnic areas, and the public toilet.

A meandering diagonal path will lead from Altona Street in the north, through a central meeting area shaded by existing and new trees, across the park toward South Kensington Station. The central meeting area will include informal seating platforms that double as performance spaces for kids, alongside musical play that encourages social interaction, performance and creativity.

Around the perimeter of the play space, a new path leads up the hill towards the existing public toilet on the eastern corner, and additional meeting and barbecue areas border the space on the southern edge. Small pockets of lawn and planting define the area and provide for gathering.

An active zone builds on the existing basketball half-court with ample space for flexible activity, circuit paths and space for scooting and learning to ride. This space also includes a space net, monkey bars, swinging and flying fox which provide for the physical play needs of 6 to 12 year olds. This area is punctuated by grass mounds and planting with informal spaces to sit around the edges.

Two play towers define the play space at the southern corner, with a high enclosed net bridge that forms a gateway as the path moves under it. The bridged towers provide new opportunities for play at height, sliding, enclosure and interaction for 3 to 12 year olds.

A covered slide leads from one tower into the junior play zone, where small in-ground trampolines, an accessible spinner, low climber, slide and swings focus on the play needs of 3-6 year olds. This space is shaded by existing trees with informal planting. This leads into an area that provides for toddlers and their carers, including an embankment slide, and opportunities for balancing, clambering and spinning.

Artist's impression of JJ Holland Park play space

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Illustrated map of JJ Holland Park

Play space tour in 360° view

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  • Location one: Toddler play space, junior play space and bridged play space
  • Location two: BBQ zone and meeting area
  • Location three: Active play space
  • Location four: Meeting area

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