Elm tree avenues are an iconic historic feature of Fitzroy Gardens and are known for their grand and uniformed style. Many of the Elms date back to the 1860s and are in poor condition, which presents an exciting opportunity to preserve Elm tree populations through new tree planting.

Due to recent tree losses, the ‘Hotham Walk’ elm avenue in Fitzroy Gardens requires a renewal to restore and enhance the avenue, and to introduce age diversity of Elm tree populations in Melbourne.

This restoration project was successfully completed in April 2021.

The Hotham Walk is known for its two consistent rows of Elm trees, generally of a uniform size and structure.

Some of the elm trees in the Hotham Walk avenue were planted circa 1860 and are over 150 years old. Most of the trees now have a short life expectancy.

Since 2015, three of the trees have failed and two additional trees have been removed from the area. The remaining trees have had to undergo pruning to reduce the risk of further failure. As a result, the avenue has lost some of its character.

The renewal of Hotham Walk will be completed in two stages:

  • Stage one will take place on the northern side of the avenue, which will include the removal of six trees and replanting of 14 trees.
  • Stage two will take place the later in the year on the southern side of the avenue. This will include the removal of 12 trees and replacement planting of 14 trees.

This approach will ensure uniformed tree spacing, growth and form creating a renewed avenue of elms keeping within the historic context of the park into the future.

It is expected that 28 new Elm trees will be planted by April 2021.

All replacement trees will be advanced stock (200L containers), Ulmus x hollandica ‘Vegeta’, grown from material sourced from Queen Victoria Gardens.

All replacement trees will be from one batch, to ensure uniformity and consistency of size.

Pop-up information sessions will be held at Hotham Walk where members of the public can discuss the renewal with City of Melbourne Arborists.

Registration for the sessions is not required.

Further pop up sessions will occur in July for the removal of stage two of the avenue renewal.



  • Timeline item 1 - complete

    Stage 1 works – North side of avenue

    • March 2020 – 6 tree removals
    • May 2020 – Soil remediation
    • Prior to October 2020 – 14 tree replacements
  • Timeline item 2 - complete

    Stage 2 works – South side of avenue​

    • 12 tree removals
    • Soil remediation
    • 14 tree replacements
  • Timeline item 3 - complete

    Works completed

    All works completed - April 2021

Consultation closed

Historical view of Hotham Walk Avenue in Fitzroy Gardens

Black and white image of Hotham Walk Avenue

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