Project background

The proposal for Provost Street was developed in response to the community support for a greener, cooler street, safer traffic conditions and a desire to expand on the existing community street garden. The proposal for these streets also responds to the changing needs of the community, the transition to residential developments as well as ensuring that the streets can respond to the effects of changing climate conditions.

In July 2017, residents of Provost Street submitted a landscape plan to City of Melbourne that conceptualised a new street layout introducing:

  • a planted median strip
  • a new population of street trees to help cooling and amenity
  • traffic calming measures to improve safety.

In November 2017 we worked with locals to successfully reconfigure existing parking spaces into a street garden island. This new space provided a centralised space for the community to develop their community street garden without compromising the safety of passing pedestrians.

In 2018 City of Melbourne developed a concept plan for Provost Street based on the community's proposal.

In 2019 we undertook essential background studies to ensure the proposed concept could be delivered successfully. This included:

  • soil testing
  • service locating
  • traffic analysis
  • identifying parking capacity
  • studying vehicle types accessing the streets
  • ensuring safe travel on the future street.

Little Provost Street was also identified as being in need of tree canopy cover and the project scope was expanded to include it.

In December 2019, we sent a letter to residents to update them on the development of the project and the increased scope.

From 27 August to 21 September we asked for your feedback on the proposed landscape plan for Provost Street and Little Provost Street.

Feedback gathered was analysed and used to refine the final plan.

The feedback gathered from the community consultation period has been used to influence the final street greening proposal.

We will continue to refine the Street Greening Proposal into something that can be built and implemented.

Works to implement the Improving Provost and Little Provost Street Project commenced on 14 February 2022 and are expected to take approximately three months to complete.

Key proposed design features

  • Extra wide nature strip to increase flexible open space and permeability across the site. The nature strip will be designed to ensure optimal growing conditions for the new trees.
  • Introduction of three different tree species that are climate ready and offer significant increases in canopy cover.
  • Passive irrigation (self-watering trees) from stormwater run-off.
  • Diverse understory planting of small shrubs for an attractive and healthy ecosystem.
  • A new underground drainage system for the street will prevent flooding of trees and waterlogging.
  • Traffic calming will be achieved through the narrowing of the roadway.
  • 45 proposed new trees will be planted across both streets.
  • 690 square metres of new permeable surfaces, including the extra wide nature strip and kerb outstands.

Street greening proposal

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Street greening proposal

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Improving Provost and Little Provost Streets