The conversation

Kavanagh Street is a key component of the city's Bicycle Plan 2016, City Road Masterplan and Transport Strategy 2030. It's part of our commitment to create 50km of protected, on-road bicycle lanes on key routes in the city.

In September 2019 the proposed design was discussed with Working Group representatives from the Southbank Residents Association and the Owners Corporations of the apartment buildings located along Kavanagh Street. These discussions led to modifications of the original design to minimise negative impacts on parking for residents and their visitors.

The proposed parking layout design was then shared with the community and consultation took place from 3 February to 26 February 2020.

Gathering insights

A letter was sent to approximately 6000 local residents and businesses surrounding Kavanagh and Balston Streets. The letter outlined the proposed design and associated impacts and invited them to provide feedback through Participate Melbourne.

During the consultation period we received 152 comments in total.

What we heard

109 responses

supported the protected bike lane design

26 responses

objected to the loss of parking spaces

17 responses

discussed other issues

Summary of comments received during consultation and our response


As a result of the feedback, the City of Melbourne has approved:

  • The installation of kerbside protected bike lanes on Kavanagh Street, between Southbank Boulevard and Balston Streets.
  • Associated parking and streetscape changes in Balston Street.
We received a wide range of feedback from people requesting various modifications to the proposed parking layout plan. We believe that the current proposal is the best solution to proceed with during construction of the bike lanes. Parking changes can still be made in the future if considered necessary based on the new conditions.

Final design

Kavanagh Street

Kavanagh Street - bike lane design and parking layout

Between Balston and Power Streets:

Map of proposed changes on Kavanagh Street

Between Power Street and Southbank Boulevard:

Map of proposed changes on Kavanagh Street

Balston Street

Balston Street - parking layout and tree installations

Includes new 90 degree angled parking and eight new trees on west side of street:

Map of proposed changes on Balston Street

Next steps

Construction is scheduled between April and June 2020. Works are expected to take 6 to 8 weeks to complete and local vehicle access will be maintained during the works.

Bike lanes for Kavanagh Street