Concept plan

Community engagement confirmed a strong level of support for the draft concept plan and the four key actions.

The following key changes have been made to the final concept plan:

  • Two new radial paths connecting Swanston Street to the plaza to address current desire-lines.
  • Change in the design of the east-bound bicycle lane on Lincoln Square South to a two-metre wide physically-separated lane adjacent to the park, including appropriate on-street markings to guide cyclists seeking to turn right into Swanston Street.
  • Redesign of Lincoln Square south to maximise park expansion by removing car parking on the park-side of the road and redistributing the parking bays on surrounding streets (resulting in no further parking loss).
  • Incorporating a new solar tree and technology to connect park users to the park’s rich biodiversity, stormwater harvesting and flood mitigation data.

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Final draft concept plan

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