Are you Safe at Home? Day

May 6, 2024

Friday 10 May is Are You Safe at Home? Day. It’s an opportunity to ask someone in your life, ‘are you safe at home?’.

The focus of Are You Safe at Home? Day 2024 is on the crucial role we all play in recognising and responding to family violence in our communities. Whether you’re worried about someone you work with or someone you know in your local community – we’re encouraging people to start the conversation.

Just by asking, listening and believing, you can have an enormous impact on someone’s journey to safety.

Ending family violence is everyone’s business – and you have a crucial role to play. This 10 May, start the conversation.

How to get involved

  • Learn more about Are You Safe at Home? Day 2024 and how you can get involved through the webinar
  • Open up the conversation with your friends, family or colleagues
  • Create space and opportunity for meaningful conversations that could support people in your workplace
Are you safe at home day graphic of two people