Ann-Sofie received a virtual garden visit, hoping to get a bunch of plants to thrive on a 25th floor balcony.

Before the visit Ann-Sofie didn’t know anything about native Australian plant life, let alone how to care for it on a balcony. Garden Guides Sam and Charlotte had plenty of ideas to incorporate plants on the balcony! "They were both happy to provide pointers for my indoor plants as well and how to best care for all of my plants and which they believed would be best suited for the balcony."

Ann-Sofie has incorporated a few pointers and tried some of the suggested plants, they also refer to the report when trying to optimise the space or adding new plants. 

Ann-Sofie visited Bili nursery following her visit. "It was great! The location is interesting, once you enter it is like a hidden world of native plants. The staff were excellent in helping me out with picking out plants and discussing the best option and care for my selected plants. It was great fun and I keep wanting to go back."

Ann-Sofie has plants in both small and large pots. The ‘garden’ consists of a variety of plants, primarily plants without flowers. Some plants are absolutely thriving including the alpine mint, strawberry gum and cinnamon myrtle. Unfortunately, Ann-Sofie did also lose a few plants over the seasons. "Since I have a few empty pots now, I will go back to the nursery to get some new plants and see how we go."

As for wildlife, Ann-Sofie has even had a few dragonflies, ladybugs, and some cricket-like insects visit her balcony as well as one or two butterflies! 

Gardens for Wildlife

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