Thomas and his family have a small, inner city, courtyard. There is lots of concrete but also plenty of sun. The space is quite typical of many Kensington homes and inner-city dwellings, with mixed use, needing to allow space for entertaining, parking and greenery.

Thomas applied for a Gardens for Wildlife Visit as he was after some advice and ideas on what native plants to plant that would work in the small space.

Thomas was aware that having locally indigenous plants that flower at different times of year is a great way to support our local wildlife and was also seeking advice on plant choices that would allow for flowers all year long.

Gardens for Wildlife offer both in-person and virtual garden visits. Despite virtual visits being available, Thomas patiently waited for his garden visit during the Melbourne lockdowns in 2021. ‘I wanted a visit in person as I believe it would be easier to see the space first before providing recommendations.’

Following the visit, Thomas visited Bili Nursery to redeem his plant voucher and selected some plants for the garden. ‘The experience was great and the people at the nursery very helpful. The benefit of a trip to the nursery was that I could see the plants.’

Thomas has transformed his garden since the visit. The previous garden was already full of potted plants but not native. The new garden is planted in soil and with locally indigenous species that support our local wildlife.

If you are like Thomas and would like to transform your garden into a haven for our local wildlife, join the program and apply for a garden visit from our trained volunteers.

Gardens for Wildlife

Gardens for Wildlife supports the community to provide an area of habitat in the garden for local wildlife.