Alice has a square shaped, first storey balcony in Kensington. ‘It’s a challenging space as it is in shade for 4-5 months of the year and receives strong, direct sunlight for 4-5 months of the year'. Alice signed up for and received a garden visit from our Gardens for Wildlife Volunteer Garden Guides and took on many of the recommendations from the report.

Following the garden visit Alice has incorporated many features that are desirable for our local insect populations; ‘water attracts not only birds, but a variety of insects too, and that they need rocks so they don't drown.’ Alice has spotted a variety of wildlife in the garden following the visit including birds, native bees, dragonflies, and bats. Alice has also displayed the letterbox plaque and told her neighbours about the visit.

If you are like Alice and have a challenging balcony space, join the program and apply for a garden visit from our trained volunteers; ‘they are very knowledgeable and good at explaining things.’

Gardens for Wildlife

Gardens for Wildlife supports the community to provide an area of habitat in the garden for local wildlife.