The conversation

We are updating our Governance Rules to allow for more time to read some Council reports prior to Council meetings. Community engagement was undertaken so interested members of the community could have their say on the proposed amendment.

The consultation asked whether or not community members supported the proposed amendment and then gave an opportunity for respondents to explain why or why not.

Gathering insights

The consultation was open from 14 October to 6 November 2022.

A survey was made available on Participate Melbourne along with background information relating to the proposal.

A public notice was issued on the City of Melbourne public website and on the noticeboard at front of the Melbourne Town Hall.

Stakeholder emails were sent to interested residents, groups and via neighbourhood networks.

Who we reached


online surveys completed


anonymous email submission

What we heard

The amendment was supported by 86 per cent of the respondents.

Three respondents who supported the amendment offered further feedback on what more could be done to meet the wants of the community on this matter, including:

  • Specifying 11 business days instead of 11 days.
  • Requesting the change to not include weekends or public holidays.

Concerns were also raised about the certainty that reports will be released earlier due to wording in the proposal such as “where possible” and “some reports”.

Next steps

The feedback will be considered at a meeting of the Future Melbourne Committee (FMC) on 22 November 2022 prior to the amendment going before Council for final adoption on 13 December 2022.

Governance Rules amendment