Project overview

See the new bike lane routes on the map below. We’re committed to the delivery of these new lanes as part of our planning and vision for a sustainable and resilient city.

In delivering this project, we will continue to evaluate and monitor where improvements can be made along each route. We’re keen to understand your experience of the new lanes and gather feedback on what is working well and what can be improved further.

Footpath extensions

As part of this program, we’re installing footpath extensions on the east side of Spencer Street, between Lonsdale and Collins streets in December 2020. There will also be a short section of footpath extension on the north side of Collins Street just east of Spencer Street.

The existing footpaths will be extended into the roadway using bollards, temporary kerbs, planter boxes, bicycle hoops and seating to create a safe space for pedestrians.

The extensions are the first step in delivering much needed space on our busy footpaths – we know footpaths and pedestrian crossing waiting areas on Spencer Street and are the most overcrowded in the city at peak commute times.

These changes will help support physical distancing and provide more space to get the city moving again as COVID-19 restrictions are eased.

Delivering 40km of new bike lanes

See the map below for where the new bike lines will be installed. The bike lanes we are installing as part of phase one have been marked in green. Select the image to enlarge.

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