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Kate has a courtyard space in North Melbourne. Very typical of many in courtyards in the inner city, the space includes a paved entertaining area with surrounding narrow garden beds.

Kate received an in-person visit looking for ideas on how to improve the garden with local plants.

Kate took on many of the recommendations from her visit and report and has transformed her garden from a barren courtyard to a lovely urban wildlife garden.

Kate planted plants purchased from Billi Nursery.

Since transforming the garden and creating a welcoming habitat there always seems to some sort of insects present, Kate says. Kate was surprised to learn about the best way of providing water for bees in summer is in small shallow bowls with pebbles or sticks for balancing.

Since the initial planting, Kate has been back to Bili Nursery several times.

Courtyard garden

If you are like Kate and would like to learn more about how you can transform your courtyard to make best use of the space using indigenous plants, join the program and apply for a garden visit from our trained volunteers.

Gardens for Wildlife

Gardens for Wildlife supports the community to provide an area of habitat in the garden for local wildlife.